Why Give

God’s primary place for fulfilling His plan for this age is through the local church. The local church is God’s idea. It is the place where His glory is most clearly revealed. It is the training and reaching arm of God’s plan. It is the primary focus of His plan for this age. That is why loyalty and adherence to the local church is one of the prime characteristics of a Christian who is obedient and honoring to his Lord.

At Tri-City, we apply the principles of II Corinthians 8 and 9 to giving. We want people to give with a cheerful spirit based on God’s unspeakable gift of Jesus Christ. We give in proportion as God has blessed us, always beginning with a tithe. We also give because a good local church has multiple levels of accountability so we can be “honest in the sight of all men.” Everything that is given is tax deductible. Every dollar has the accountability of being counted by two people, and the gift and giver are kept completely confidential so that no Pastor knows who gives or in what amount. All checks are signed by one finance person and one congregationally elected deacon. Every year our ministry pays for an independent audit on every dollar in our ministry. For the last two years, Tri-City has been the only church in Chandler awarded Top 100 Best Business Practices by the Chamber of Commerce. We give about 25% of every dollar donated to a missionary or mission project every year. Very few churches give that priority to others and world evangelism. Our ministry supports Christian education and missions worldwide. Your dollar given is leveraged into spectacular ministry both in the US and around the world.

If you wish to give to Tri-City Baptist online, please click the button below.

Volunteer Opportunities

We would love for you to help us by using your God-given talents and time to volunteer in one of our ministries. Volunteers are always needed in our nursery, AWANA, special events, library, adult ministries and more!  To find out more information, please visit our volunteer page.

Donate to Missions

International Baptist Missions (IBM) is an integral ministry of Tri-City Baptist Church. We support missionaries in India, Singapore, Kenya, Romania, Poland, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Mexico, as well as several Restricted Access Nations. This is only made possible through your financial support.  If you would like to support one of our missionaries, please visit the IBM website at:  http://ibmmissions.org